Welded Joints Of Steel Structure Construction

When welded connections, wall thickness of 5 mm or more pipes, end part of its counterpart welding interface should have the 30~35 ° Groove, Lippi should stay on the edges has 1~2 mm thick blunt edge. Groove available in mechanical or gas welding process, welding processing of residues should be removed, inequality should be sanded smooth. Two corresponding axial clearance, when wall thickness 3~5 mm 1~1.5 mm; pipe wall thickness 5~9 mm to 1.5~2 mm; pipe wall thickness 9 mm to 2~3 mm. Counterpart of straight seam welded steel welding, the longitudinal weld shall be staggered is not less than 100 mm. When adopting a flange connection, flange should be perpendicular to the pipe centerline, a re-implementation of two flanges should be parallel to each other. The thickness of the flange gasket designs provided, asbestos rubber washers or fibre washers should not be greater than 3 mm, 3~5 mm thickness of the rubber gasket. Inner diameter of the washer should fit with the inner diameter of the pipe outside diameter should contact with the bolt.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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