Mobile Home Doors And Windows Installation Notes

1, activities for the door Windows and doors should be opened after installation flexibility without blocked the rebound phenomenon, with glass spring clamp, block PuTTY should be flat and smooth with eight fonts, there should be no voids and cracks, glass cleaner, accessory securely. Fasteners shall conform to GB5782 2, provisions of the bolt must be installed according to design specifications, location, correct and mat good washer, no less, and missing, active components connecting bolts must be screwed to the door. 3, spot welding and transport trailer primer exfoliation should be to brush paint on the way at one point, Ming Lu active door component parts brush finish second, there shall be no leakage of paint brushes, paint peeling, hang and returned the rust. 4, appearance requests must be: the wall must be vertical, put together to sew tight wall plate should be clean, same color, neat seams; active door door lock switch and flexible, not missing accessories painted surfaces should not have hanging paint, paint spills, wrinkling, blistering, and so on.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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