Fire Protection Of Steel Structure Construction Industry Indicators

It is understood that the fire retardant coating production enterprises in China after more than 20 years of development has begun to take shape, production and enterprise development to more than 250, but in many of the fire-retardant coating production enterprises, the size of the business, management and technology levels, very few quality products. In many types of production enterprises, only half the number of enterprises have passed ISO9000 quality system certification. The survey found, domestic market sales of fire-retardant coating products there are several problems: fire performance is low, easy to fall off, the decoration is poor, poor durability and quality of instability. At present, domestic steel construction more, in order to meet the requirements, the owner shall not have imported steel structure fire-retardant coatings, imported fire retardant coatings to meet fire requirement, but nearly 70,000 yuan 1 ton cost for builders suffering. Fire retardant coating, lies in a reasonable formula and production process.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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