Advantage Steel Space Exploration

Steel construction has a good sense of space and steel structure which is a green building, namely to saving energy and resources, help protect the environment of the building. And steel high strength, light weight, seismic performance, cost savings, short construction period, and so on. In view of the inherent advantages of steel structure and the strong support of China’s iron and steel industry, ushered in the development of steel structure in China in the spring. For nearly 20 years, distribution of steel enterprises from Jiangsu and Zhejiang area extended to the country-wide; number of development up to now more than more than 4,000; scale forming. Insulation structure of steel structures application further expanded the scope of integration, China’s steel industry has a certain degree of the scale. However, compared with developed countries, the gap is still very obvious: in the developed world, steel structures generally exceed 30% per cent of total construction, and so far, over 90% of structure reinforced concrete structure.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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