Activity Room With Steel Structure What Is The Difference Between

National normative and technical documents are actually not heavy steel said, as the difference of light steel structure, may call General steel structures for “Max steel” is more appropriate. A wide range of ordinary steel, can contain a variety of steel structures, regardless of the load size, and even include many elements of the light steel structure, lightweight housing technical specification for steel structure was only for the “light” feature which provides a number of more specific content and portal frame with range limited to a single layer. Light steel is a rather vague term, can have two kinds of understanding. A is existing steel design specification (GBJ 17-88) in the 11th chapter “round, and small angle of light steel”, is refers to with round and is less than L45*4 and L56*36*4 of angle making of light steel, main in steel lack era Shi for should not be with reinforced concrete structure manufacturing of small structure, now has basically not big used, so this steel design specification amendment in the has basically tendencies removed.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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