The development process of steel structure

Although earlier iron structure achieved great success, but because of the more than 2000-year feudal system bound science developed, therefore, has long remained at the iron levels of the building. Until the late 19th century, began using modern steel structure in our country. After the founding of new China, steel has a great deal of development, either in quantity or quality are far more than in the past. For example Shanghai June are steel engineering limited structure system main is by plate, and hot steel or cold processing forming of thin-walled of steel through connection, and manufacturing, and assembled and into, in design, and manufacturing and installation, technology aspects are reached has high of level, master has various complex buildings of design and construction technology, in country has built has many scale huge and structure complex of steel plant, and big span steel civil and the railway bridge,, China of here steel roof trusses, Stadiums in Beijing and Shanghai, steel grid, Qin Shihuang in Shaanxi Province Ma helpers Gallery three-hinged steel arch and as the bird’s nest in Beijing.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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