Moisture performance analysis of mobile homes

This seal can be isolated from outdoor moisture into the room at the same time, avoid the outdoor atmosphere of harmful substances in materials, you can also exclude moisture in the room. And the entire wall of gypsum board wall can breathe. Breathing paper and a damp-proof membrane can ensure the sealed metal products and dry spaces have a longer life, or you can make indoor air more dry. Roofing, insulation cotton with aluminium foil veneer can completely cut off moist air into, to avoid corrosion of metal structures directly exposed to the outdoor environment. Current installation using the Villa mobile home from the market point of view, activity room Board room now has a good performance of fireproofing and dampproofing, xiaobian given to you today is simple to introduce. The fixed fire extinguishing systems and fire-resistant components for quality supervision in the Centre of testing, activities room sheet double-sided double-layer gypsum board wall fire resistance test, load-bearing walls can reach 1.22 hours of fire resistance.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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