Advantage and application of steel corrosion

Anticorrosion of steel structure engineering, design and construction of long term anti-corrosion for steel corrosion in many such as lack of sufficient attention to the importance of, and still remain in consciousness in traditional preservation techniques, later the maintenance may not keep up. And even traditional coating corrosion protection due to construction techniques do not cross the border during the construction process, often leading to premature corrosion of steel corrosion or damage. For example, in March 1965, United States a stress corrosion cracking of pipeline catches fire, killing 17 people. Such as a swimming pool early painting of construction engineering non-long-lasting corrosion protection, causing premature corrosion of steel corrosion local area, as shown in Figure 1, plus early roof system design on anti-corrosion technology of the limitations of the time, makes the consumer must cost millions of its removal or maintenance.

Post time: Nov-29-2016
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